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Monday, February 1, 2010

1851 barn restoration into our new house

Many years ago, we dismantled an old barn in Quincy, California. We transported the pieces to Gardnerville ten years ago and worked on plans, engineering and permitting for several years. We have now begun construction and the footings have been poured. The following series of pictures show the dismantling and early construction. We are awaiting spring when the stemwalls will go up and we will begin assembling the barn sections. The design is completely solar, off grid, with a constructed wetland as a black water sewer. Stay tuned. Ed

This photo shows the footings that will hold the new structure. It is positioned for maximum solar gain.


  1. I think you should mention the architect on this part of the blog. That sure would be a cool thing to do. I might hire the firm for my project.

  2. This barn house was desiged by my brother Eric Kleiner from XA Architecture in San Diego. He designed the home within the dimentions of the original structure. Cheerios; Ed