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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Owl cam in action

Our barn owls sleep all day in the "Hoostel" while the seed cleaning machines make so much noise. By dusk though, they begin to stir, hanging out in the Hoostel for a short time then checking for mice in the barn before they head out. They keep a supply of dead mice on the floor of the Hoostel and leave behind a soft carpet of fur. Soon, they will leave a clutch of eggs on the "carpet" and we hope for a successful hatching. Stay tuned. Ed


  1. I'm looking for the eyes.....

  2. Hi guys....love the blog site....I'm gonna come over and get a look at those owls during the full moon!

  3. Anytime; Ann; We're open to the public weekdays. Since you're so special, you can come by on the weekend if you want. Cheerios; Ed